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2500 Boulevard de l'Université
Sherbrooke, QC, J1K 0A5


Ongoing and upcoming projects

Academic and public events

Organization of and participation to numerous events such as symposia, conferences, congresses, round-tables, workshops, informal meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc.

2015 Annual conference

  • The inaugural conference of the Critical Legal Research Laboratory (CLRL) explored the convergence between education and normativity. (Learn more...)

2016 Annual conference

  • Another great success with our 2016 annual conference, which explored the convergence between the environment and critical legal theory. (Learn more...)


Numerous publication projects are envisioned. The goal is to explore creative, innovative and more accessible formats.

Informal meetings

Informal meetings, held on campus or elsewhere, on the advancement of current research projects. Open to professors and student researchers from the Law Faculty as well as to researchers from other fields and universities. Such meetings allow researchers to receive and formulate constructive comments, to experiment with different ideas, to develop unexpected collaborations and projects, and to mutually inspire one other.

Research workshops

Facilitated discussions and debates between researchers on a text or a theme related to accademic research. A researcher, who proposes the exploration of a topic he or she chooses, facilitates each workshop.

Collaborative space

A project to create a space aimed at stimulating and facilitating exchanges between researchers, as well as fostering creativity and supporting research. This space would offer researchers the possibility to discuss the advancement of their projects, to test their hypotheses, to find a proofreader or a spontaneous helping hand, to cooperate and exchange, to benefit from the suggestions or intuitions of peers and of an external perspective and other theoretical visions… or, simply, to take a small break to discuss with colleagues.

Research accessibility

We implement numerous activities aimed at the dissemination of knowledge and a greater accessibility to research projects through vulgarization. For example, we hold public debates or events, in order to encourage a dialogue between researchers and the community, in particular the groups they study. Our objective is to increase the accessibility to research projects in law, in order to render them less elitist and to allow for all actors, in or outside the legal field, to contribute to debates on legal research.

Partnerships and collaborations

Numerous projects in the works are in partnership with other researchers, universities, institutions, social groups, organisations, professionals and disciplines.