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2500 Boulevard de l'Université
Sherbrooke, QC, J1K 0A5

2015 Annual conference

From the Normativity of Knowledge to the Knowledge of Normativity

Held on May 22nd 2015 - Please click here to download the conference program and presentations (fr)

The inaugural conference of the Critical Legal Research Laboratory (CLRL) explored the convergence between education and normativity. Education is understood to include an interest in exploring knowledge in the broadest sense: both knowledge circulating within formal educational institutions and knowledge situated outside of them are explored. Normativity is also understood in a broad sense and includes both official state law as well as any other social rules. In this context, we were interested in exploring the meeting of knowledge and norms as reified frameworks, contents, contexts and possibles.

The conference encouraged a dynamic dialogue between panelists interested in critical theoretical perspectives and original community projects. It gathered both academic scholars interested in the relationship between knowledge and norms, as well as community members who work daily, outside academic institutions, to develop innovative hands-on projects directly related to this theme.

In conformity with our accessibility policy, we encouraged presenters to adopt a clear and accessible language during the conferences and debates. We also valued dynamic discussions between panelists, as well as with the audience. Several other measures were proposed to promote accessibility to this event. For example, mothers and fathers were welcome to bring their children. An unsupervised relaxation area for families was available to parents, close to the conference room. This space was used for breastfeeding and for parents who wanted a quiet time with their child.

As this event was held in French only, please visit this page (not translated) for the detailed program.

Photos (c) Marianne Audette-Chapdelaine